Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I made mango-banana-lime smoothies for breakfast, with vanilla yogurt and kale (you really don't taste the kale, but it's so good for you and it makes it a pretty green)
I'm on a smoothie kick! I got a knock off version of the VitaMix ....sort of a super blender that emulsifies so you can throw in just about anything and it comes out smooth as silk!  I'd been reading about the health benifits of raw veggies and fruits VS cooked and how good all the peel and pulp is for you. ....Next thing you know I'll be doing something silly like joining the gym again!  DH and I are actually doing a daily walk and I've been making the route a little longer every day. Yesterday we were out walking for 45 minutes! 
My daughter is my inspiration. She did a crazy obstical course race a couple weekends ago and I took two of the kids to see her and cheer her on. Figured they should see their Muma doing exteam sports. They ran up the mountian (it was held at Sunday River Ski resort) through the woods, over logs and through streams, and culverts, up hills that needed a rope to help them pull themselves up, down a slip and slide, over a net bridge (that was the funniest!) through a mud filed that they had to crawl through since there was barbed wire strung low over it! all the while at choice places along the trail the snow making machines were blasting them (comes out water and mist instead of snow in the summer time) 
It was a blast and so inspirational! She went with some of her running group buddies and they were all amazing! Two are cancer surviviors and that really made me think, heck, I can do more...maybe not that kind of race, but I can work up to 5 k walks at least! 
On the beady front It's a rainy day, perfect for torching. I have some more Harvest veggies and gourds to make and some Halloween beads.
I also want to add a link to a brand new (still in progress) Etsy shop that has some wonderful and very affordable jewelry, quite a few pieces use some of my lampwork beads!   I've been dealing with the shop owner for many years and she's a real gem to work with!!  So, with my glowing recommendations: 4SeasonsBeads