Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring is around the corner!

I'm hoping anyway!! We've had a really unusual month, weather wise, not that I've heard anyone complaining. Almost no snow and the temps have been fairly mild for this time of the year! We had the grandkids here for a few days and took them to the winter festival at the Owl's Head Transportation museum.  We brought hats and mittens but didn't need them at all. We went for a Model T ride and saw oxen and draft horses pulling some antique log haulers. There was  a blacksmith doing demos and antique snowmobiles and plows. They made Styrofoam planes in a workshop...a very interesting day for all of us! We did lots of fun stuff and today my sis in law and I took them halfway home to meet their mom.
It's great that they enjoy coming to visit as much as they do. I know one of these days visiting grandparents won't be on the top of their list of fun stuff to do so we're enjoying it for all it's worth now!
I was on a roll of bead making till I went to Turner last week. Since the kids were on vacation I spent time with them and not much at the torch....and got chemo out of the way too. Now I have 2 and 1/2 weeks to catch up before it's time to go back for more.
I have a few bunny sculptures finished and made a whole line up of tiny bunnies as well as quite a few other beady goodies. I'll be putting them on Etsy, ebay and possibly some on the website too! Look for them this week if you need some beads.