Monday, January 25, 2010

Early Easter Beads

Spring is just around the corner (at least tht's what I keep telling myself!) I'm totally enjoying the perfect weather ....perfect for torching anyway. I've been making Easter and spring beads, spent one whole day on making teeny tiny parts for the Easter Basket beads....actually the finished product is more of a sculpture than a wearable bead, though they could be worn if someone was very gentle with them. All the tiny details make them more fragile than a normal bead, but the details are what makes them so special!
I actually thought about the possibility of encasing one in a clear resin egg (like miniature paperweight) I'd really love to be able to encase the whole thing in glass but would need a lot more equipment to be able to do that.
Each tiny bunny, egg and peep are made, kept warm and then slowly and very very carefully added to the basket. Each addition threatens the rest of the goodies already in the basket. The chance of melting too much and ending up with a misshapen mess is great...almost as great as not keeping an area of the sculpture up to temp and having a piece crack. Definitely not relaxing to assemble, but I love a challenge!
 I still have a few dog designs to work on and a sock monkey bead to make. I haven't done any of those for ages! Soooo, back to the torch to get more done before heading out for chemo on Wednesday and then hopefully I'll stay thru the weekend to catch up on the family before coming back to Rockland and the torch.
PS.....I have a lot of Easter and a few Valentine beads on Etsy and on the website for sale so check in if you need some beads!