Sunday, January 17, 2010

This and That

Just finished listening to Wolf's Hall. It took me a while to get through it, kept rewinding (or whatever you call it in this digital age) since every time I wasn't concentrating I'd find I missed something important,
 Hard to believe that I making happy little bunnies and eggs while I was listening to the behind the scenes plotting that lead to the beginning of the Church of England and all that went along with Henry the VIII's reign. Fascinating times! Thank goodness we're living in a different time!
Now I'm on a historical kick and just checked out The Twentieth Maine, a book about a volunteer Regiment from Maine in the Civil War.  I feel smarter just thinking about reading it!
I've been on the torch a lot this week, a real lot! Enjoying every minute of it, doing lots of Easter eggs and bunnies and romantic little hearts and flowers. I'll have some "seconds" of my encased floral focals up for sale, probably in a couple batches, and will be adding spring sets to my Etsy store page. 
I'm planning to gather beads from my bead stash to auction for some fund raisers for Haiti Earthquake relief.

I knew I was holding onto those beads for so long for a reason!