Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Spring Beads

Working on Spring beads in the middle of a cold snap. Somehow I always seem to have one foot in the next season!  I'll have some specials tomorrow if I get the pictures taken. I have some florals and hearts and Bunny sets, along with some stone style focals, and maybe an angel or two.

 I'm listening to Wolf's Hall, a historically based novel with Thomas Cromwell as the main character. I've always been fascinated with the era and Henry the 8th's reign. So much intrigue!  Have I said how much I love listening to Audiobooks? I got my Mom a little MP3 player and set it up to record audio-books and she's enjoying them too. Wish I'd discovered last year that you can download a lot of audio-books from the library....free.

American Idol started a new season tonight! Yahooo! I still love that show and the try outs are so much fun to watch.  It should be fun with Ellen as a judge!