Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!!

We're in the midst of a big snowstorm that began on New Years eve and is still going. It's a winter wonderland here! I had to share a couple of pictures of the ice and snow. I love it when the pine trees are under a blanket of snow. So beautiful!!
We had a wonderful holiday. The kids are such great ages right now and make the whole season a magical one!
I  hope you got everything on your list....I didn't really have anything on my list, but got some unexpected goodies. My daughter and her family got a Clairsonic brush thingy that is amazing. I've already seen a difference in my skin!! My son got an I-robot Dirt Dog shop vacuum (figuring it would work on picking up the threads of stringers that always end up on my floor) It works and is fun to watch. Now I can set it going...plug into my head phones and turn on the torch....and have nice clean floors when I'm finished!

I got a super powered Kitchen Aide mixer for my hubby (and for myself of course) He burned out the motor in the old one years ago when he tried to use it to grind beef for hamburg. His father was a butcher and he decided to get a 1/4 side of beef and butchered it at home. The whole house smelled like a slaughter house and the hamburg was a lot more than the mixer was designed to handle. Needless to say, that won't be happening ever again....though with this mixer and it's super sized motor it should be able to handle the occasional sausage making project, or anything else he decides to do with it....and Zeph can pop upstairs and use it for any of his culinary experiments (yummmm.....I'm hoping that happens a lot!)