Thursday, November 5, 2009

I've been in Turner for much longer than I anticipated. I thought I was heading back for a Dr's appointment and a Pet scan, but on Monday the oncologist ordered a whole battery of tests (what fun!) The last one is on Saturday, they really did jump through hoops to schedule them all as soon as possible, so I can't complain.
Of course this trip I figured I'd be back on Monday to pop any beads that might need to be shipped into the mail and didn't bring any with me! I usually pack up all the beads that I have listed in Specials, on EBAY and Etsy, so that they're with me just in case I need to ship any of them. This time I didn't and I have a few that I really should have shipped out earlier this week. Wouldn't you know?

It turned out to be nice to have a little extra time in Turner to spend with my parents and the grandkids. I got to go pumpkin shopping and carved pumpkins with them and went Trick or Treating, went to a ceramony honoring my Dad and some other Veterans, which was really moving. There were two veterans that fought in WWII, several in Vietnam, including my Dad,  and some were in Desert Storm and Iraq. Nice to see people honoring the vets for their service. When Dad came home from Vietnam he said they felt like they had to "sneak in by the back door". No thank yous for their service and sacrifice and all they had to endure for their country back then. Thank goodness that has changed and, even if we don't agree with a war, we respect and honor the soldiers.

As for the tests, so far so good! Knock on wood! It looks like I'll stay on the chemo I'm getting now for the next few years, or as long as it keeps working and it doesn't affect my heart function. Need to get back to the gym so I can keep the old ticker going strong!