Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Website & Happy Halloween!

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, I's a little weird. A day that anyone can dress up and become someone else, whatever or whoever they can dream up....can it be anything less than a magical day? Add candy to that, and pumpkins and crisp apples right off the tree...what could be better?

I'm heading back to Turner where my parents, and nearly all the rest of the family resides, for a few days of Halloweeny fun, and a Pet scan and some tests and Oncologist appointments. The timing happened to coincide so I have the fun stuff to look forward to when I'm doing the not so fun medical stuff. 

I have a long list of things to ask the DR about, been doing my research about the new trials, new drugs, and the new vaccine that's looking promising.

On the beady front, I've been making Autumn leaves like crazy but they are flying out the door as fast as I cam make them. I'm also doing some Christmas/winter theme beads, started really late on the holiday beads this year and I've been tired so not getting as much quality time on the torch as I had hoped.
I've been working on a new imporved website...I  know, you're thinking "what's new about that"? ; P
It's something I've struggled with for years, tried nearly every different program or tool, but I think I finally found one that I can stay with. It's part of a group called Artspan and my own site is
I love the clean simple lines and the elegant slide show features.  Artsapn  was developed for artists so their formats are geared to showing lots of images, which, after all, is what's important for beads or jewelry or any sort of art.
My  "home page" is still blank and I have lots of images to upload and work to do on the rest of it. Something to keep me busy for the next few...months! LOL!
I hope to put up a lot of the old images of different styles of beads I've made over the years in some glaaery pages and the format for Sales looks like it will allow me to use large images (my recent web page only allowed tiny images on the "shopping cart page, something I really didn't like) I know when I'm shopping I like to see a big picture so I know exactly what I'm buying. If I can just see a tiny thumbnail image then I usually pass.