Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brass Compass

It's a gorgeous fall day today, bright and sunny, Indian summer is here! We decided it was the perfect morning to take a walk along the harbor, enjoy the views and salty air and sun and....ended up at the Brass Compass to try their Lonster Club for an early lunch.
Ever since Bobby Flay was here in Rockland for a Lobster Club "Throw Down" and our local breakfast/lunch cafe won, we've been wanting to try the winning sandwich. I woke up this morning with a craving for "lobstah" aand decided this was the day! It was really good, but I have to admit that I prefer a simply plain lobstah roll.
The bread was just like my grandmothers, simple homemade white water based bread, nothing fancy, just big thick slices. Made me think of all the mornings I used to sit down with Gram and have a hot cup of tea (Teatly or Salada, nothing fancy) with a thick slice of her homemade toast, slathered with salty dairy butter and the strawberry, or strawberry rubarb jelly. that she made every summer.
Hummm...makes me wonder what my grand kids will remember about breakfast with Nana....since I rarely cook any more. We do have Jingle Bell Waffles when they sleep over when I'm at my parnets.  My Dad has turned into the family waffle chef so he makes them waffles and  I add the Jingle Bell fixins. Just peppermint striped chocolate chips and butter and syrup. It's really a tasty combo (according to the kids)
I also keep horrible sugar cereal like Count Chocula and Cocoa Crisps and even those cereal straws every once in a while. Like adding frosting to cereal and calling it breakfast! LOL! I was the sugar and additive police when my own kids were growing up, but I figure, what the heck, they don't have breakfast here very often so I can spoil them with forbidden treats.
We also make rice pudding for breakfast, like the stuff in the Poky little Puppy book, sprinkle with cinnamon and delicious.
 I guess we do have our own special things they'll remember, just different from my memories of breakfast with my Grandmother.