Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall is here!

It's fall for sure! I've been so busy I've neglected the blog terribly. I went back for chemo and then spent the weekend so I could make it to the grandkids games, soccer and football. It was pretty cold, but exciting to watch them play! They are really fun to watch now that they "get" the fundamentals of the games!
It was also great to see the new deck on my parents house! It's huge and it's going to be such a nicespot for grilling and for morning coffee on nice summer days. Dad will probably swear at it a lot this winter when it needs to be shoveled but I hope it's worth the trouble.

As soon as we got back I had "paperwork" to finish to make the final date for taxes (filed an extension this year since I was too wiped out from chemo and surgery to make the April 15th deadline last year)
Even the delayed deadlines eventually come sneaking up on us!! The good news is that it's all finished and I have a lot done for this coming April. Have I said how much I hate the paperwork end of making beads?

On the bead front, I've been busy making Autumn leaves and veggie beads, in fact I just posted a new auction of harvest veggies on eBay with 25 percent of the final bid going to Susan G Komen for the Cure. Third one this month! I'm hoping to get in a few more fund-raising auctions during October since it's breast cancer awareness month.