Friday, November 20, 2009

The old dog trying new tricks

I am trying, once again, a new website, this time on Artspan.
I finally figured out how to put up some new beads for sale there, like my specials page, but so far I can only figure out how to put the beads up in a Beads for sale "Gallery" on the gallery page of the website.
The shopping cart seems to be a really good one and allows a larger picture to be shown of the beads than the website I've been using. One wonderful feature is an easy way to be updated when any new beads are listed for sale.  As far as I can tell, you just click on Notify me of new art by this artist  link
and fill in your email address and that it! Any time I add new stuff you get an email! Short and sweet!

On the beady side of things I've been making some cute little snow-kids in fun little hats, dainty angels, and angel wing hearts. I got some wonderful glass that has a crystal content and the shine and sparkle is just amazing! I'm having fun at the torch and I think it  shows in the beads!
The heart on the right is filled with the new dichro that comes on copper sheets, very different look than regular dichro. I like it a lot!