Monday, September 7, 2009

Customer Appreciation

 I've had a "Freebie" bead giveaway going on for several years. Actually I tend to pop in an extra bead or two with nearly every set I sell anyway.
Truth be told, if I had unlimited funds I'd still make beads and just use them for fundraising for good causes and random give-aways.
With the new location and look of the website, name change and all that, I think it's a good time to change up the method of my Freebie drawings as well. I've been pretty lax about the drawings in the past year, but really intend to get back to a better schedule.
 I think instead of just drawing, using the emails I get from people who cast votes for the website, I'll add the people who bought beads during the drawing time. It seems more fair, and might prompt me to stick to at least a once a month drawing from now on.
This month it's going to be a little set of harvest veggies!
On a personal note, I had all three grandkids over the weekend and we had a great time, shopping for a toy for each, getting a movie...first time I've tried using "The Red Box" to rent a movie. The kids walked me through the process and it was really easy, and cheap! They loved picking out what they wanted , something about kids and a big machine you put money in....and something ops out.
We went mini golfing and their uncle Zeph brought up some pumpkin lobster soup to sample....yummo! They practically licked their bowls! Me too! It's beyond heavenly!