Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Website, new name

Well, not actually a new name but my own name. Canterbury Keepsakes made sense when I lived in Canterbury NH but not so much now I'm back in Maine. One thing that will stay the same no matter what is my name so I decided to try it out and got a new web address. I still have the old one, so it;s still experimental. I can always go back if the response isn't favorable.
I already sold one Special from the new page so that's a good omen!
Almost forgot ....the new website is      Lezlie Belanger Beads & Jewelry
I'm still playing around with the web site design but  so far I love the shopping cart/catalog page feature. It makes it so easy to add new items!

On a personal note, my DH bought some scallops at Jesse's Seafood Market tonight (the best place to get locally caught fish and seafood) and made the best seared scallops and green beans from a Jacques Pepin recipe. Simply heavenly! The weather has been cool and sunny, just beautiful. The harbor is filled with sailboats, and the breeze off the water is so salty and refreshing!  I've been making lambs, yarn balls, cupcakes and the  tiniest ice cream cone beads's perfect torching weather! Life is good!