Friday, March 5, 2010

Sushi Decadance

My son took me to Suzuki's for sushi last night. It was beyond wonderful! We got SHUMAI (shrimp dumplings), a flame seared appetizer trio and a big sampler platter....a little hot Saki to share, and sorbet for dessert. It was over the top! We  had a slow relaxing dinner and left with a tummy happy sushi glow.  I think my favorite was the  hamachi  nigiri, which is ( I think) a small yellowtail tuna with rice and ...magic.
They also had  sea urchin served in a little scoop of the urchin shell, very good, creamy and tastes like....fresh seashore... and so pretty! Makes me want to make some sea urchin beads.
I kept thinking, Noah would love to have a special birthday dinner here. He's a little sushi fan.  Not surprising since he's always been a very adventurous diner. He was just a toddler when his uncle Zeph lived with them and would run to the table when he brought spicy Thai Noodles. He'd climb up on his lap and and dig in. I think there's still a little video of him taking a bite, and, with eyes watering exclaim "Spicy Noodles!" and dive for more. 
 The picture is of one of the new bunnies I made last week. I've been experimenting with different colors since the plain white "chocolate" or dark "chocolate" bunnies were getting to be a little old hat for me. Time to change it up a bit. I like the new bunnies, what do you think?

Countdown to the dream house drawing.....just ten days!!