Thursday, March 18, 2010


I've been having the strangest dreams lately! Last night I was making parrots on a hot head torch (they wear chubby little parrots, really cute) The last one kept getting bigger and bigger and ended up to be life sized.....huge! I was almost finished, just had to add the beak when my tank of gas started running out.
I woke up thinking if I could just put it in the kiln maybe I could still add the beak.
Even stranger, last week I had a dream that I was working in a cancer center, helping to prepare the patients for some special tests....and I was pregnant! EEEKKK! Then my Mom came in and she was pregnant too...and proceeded to give birth to a beautiful little girl...a sister, finally!
I remember a nurse looked at me seriously and asked if it was planned....I said "Planned? She's 77 years old! It's a miracle!" A sort of disturbing horrible miracle.
Then I found myself planing a baby shower for one of my old best friends, Crystal, who was actually pregnant at the same time I was when we were young, She had twins a month after my daughter was born. At the baby shower who should walk in also hugely pregnant but Crystals mother, Geneva! I woke up (thank goodness) and got right up before I could dream up anything even more disturbing !
They say pregnant dreams mean change, something new....and there should be something really big after a dream like that.
I wonder what it might be?????