Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New website

I'm still working on the new website adding pictures and more beads for sale. I have a big drawer full (and I do men full!) of beads I've made over the past year and a half and just never sorted into sets or gotten posted for sale. I should just divvy them up into a few big batches and sell them as "pot luck beads" .
I hesitate only because there are some really nice ones in there, the one of a kind "gems" that I know I'll regret parting with....even if they are just sitting in a drawer right now.
I'm working on a few custom orders and toying with a design with a Jack Russell dog ....they're so darn cute and ful of personality that I'm afraid I won't be able to capture them in glass. But I'm going to try!
Right now I'm headed back to CMMC in Lewiston for chemo and tonight is the "baby's" Christmas program,  I'm thrilled to be able to be there to see it! He's very excited!
I had all three grandsons this weekend and we had a super time. I think I enjoy them ore and more as they get older, though I miss that baby stage. They are turning into such interesting little people!
I'll be back late tomorrow and then I'll have a chance to put up a few more "Snow kid" beads on the Specials page, been in a snowman state of mind at the torch!