Monday, September 21, 2009

A new book with some of my beads! !

I just got a copy of a new book that used some of my beads in a couple of the projects!! Exciting to see some of my "babies" in print, and a real honor that the author to use them!! !

  The name of the book is Elegant Knotted Jewelry (techniques and projects using Maedeup) by Becky Meverden.  She's been living in Korea and learning traditional knotting techniques and wrote the book to share the art with us Westerners. Now I want to try some of the projects in the book! One more thing to practice!

 Speaking of practice, I worked on a trial bracelet and pendant using copper and a little nickle silver,  and some of the spiral glass disks I made last month. I used tube riveting, and a little soldering, and a multitude of cutting and hole punching techniques (not to mention tons of filing and sanding)
It's just practice but I really enjoyed it and plan to do more, honing my metal-smithing skills as I go. Eventually I'll move into more silver as I get better, but am practicing on the cheaper stuff...and besides I love copper and bronze and some of the more "rustic" metals!

What do you think? Should I give up and go back to just melting glass? I figure I can "play" a day a week with metal and then I'm even more eager to get to the torch and make beads!