Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I've been making more Halloween/fall beads, doing a few special requests and working on metal. Actually doing more research and practice than anything productive, so far at least.
I did manage to solder together a handy dandy tool that I use to make the flat disks. I had used a ton of superglue before and it would hold together through a few torch sessions before the glue gave out. I am so totally proud of myself and my sturdy soldered tool!
To put my new found "expertise" into perspective, I discovered this on one of the jewelry forums I've been reading.  Discovered in a recently plowed field by a guy with a metal detector. A huge hord of gold and gemstone sword parts, evidently buried in the 8th century. Can you just imagine a plow raking over all this ancient art and mixing it up in the mud? It was just discovered this summer. Amazing!! How did they make such detailed and beautiful work way back then without the tools and resources we have today? It boggles my mind!
It's being called the

Staffordshire Hoard

Here's another amazing collection of ancient artifacts...this one has some incredible workmanship and lots of remnants of everyday things

Sutton Hoo collection at the British Museum

And here's my latest creation in silver: rather humbling after seeing the intricate work the ancient artists accomplished! I'm still proud and pleased though.
I hand cut the silver, hammered it for texture, cut the hole, shaped it in a dapping block, did the same for the smaller circle, made the balled silver pin and soldered the whole shee-bang together then polished it up, trying to leave a bit of the hammered look.  It took me a crazy amount of time to do it and so far it doesn't have a mate. It was a fun practice piece though!