Monday, October 4, 2010

Soooo Proud!!

I'm always proud of my kids but this week, just about bursting! My daughter has officially turned her excellent baking and decorating skills into a business! Exciting!! You can find her scrumptious goodies at Dany's Cakes on facebook .She's doing a special "Cookie of the Week, and is now shipping I believe) I think she'll expand to offer things like her cinnamon buns (decadent, best I've ever tasted) and Pumpkin Whoopie pies and things like that. Hummm...wonder if she'll do her bourbon brownies. Absolutely to die for!
The picture is her  "Cinnamon spice Fall leaf cookies" Yummm! Place an order!   :)

My son Chef Zeph is going to be cooking at the James Beard House in NYC in Feb with his boss, Chef Salmon from the Hartstone Inn in Camden Maine.They have cooking classes at the inn regularly (and the best food...simply divine) and are traveling to Italy in November to give a two week cooking class at a beautiful Villa in Tuscany. Wouldn't I love to be a little birdy sitting on his shoulder for that trip!

 In the picture: His award winning Maine Lobster Salad with Daikon, Crispy Bacon, Ginger and a Warm Ponzu dressing