Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Witchs and Hollows

That's what I've been up to in a nutshell!
Oh, and making teeny tiny flat cupcakes, now that was a challenge! I love it when someone asks me to try something entirely different, something that I would never have thought of making myself.
Here's a picture of the first witch of the year, holding a poor froggy, ready to drop into her cauldron ...or will she change her mind and keep him as a pet? Still need to make the cauldron, but she's almost ready to put up for sale.

The hollows are made with handmade "twisties", layered with at least three colors of glass, and sometimes more. I love making hollows and they're soooo light and comfortable to wear. I love bigger beads but if I wear a necklace made with large beads that aren't hollow, I know I'm going to be taking it off after a few hours.
 With this style I was going for a textile look, woven glass.
The picture doesn't really give an idea of just how tiny the cupcake flatties are....I should have taken a picture of them on top of a coin before I shipped them out. They went to Julie of Rockerjewlz so she'll probably have some great pictures of what she makes with them.  Her pictures are always so much better than the ones I take, and I love to see what she makes with the beads I send her way!